Hello, Beauties!

I’m Enia Tarino
and I’m glad you’re visiting my page.

I adore beauty and naturalness in all its forms. And I’m always looking for the best in my life.
For this reason, I created my extraordinary and multifunctional Xarismania line, using only natural and organic products, and best ingredients from around the world in order to bring the freshness of nature in our urban environment.
As often happens, this idea did not come by chance.
In the past I worked a lot in the field of fashion, design and as make-up artist. This allowed me to travel a lot around the world, learning about the cultures and cosmetics of many European and Eastern countries, talking with the experts.
Discovering something new every day was very rewarding from a professional and personal point of view. I have accumulated a great experience on skin care and on natural ingredients and botanical extracts. The creation of products for friends and relatives, such as bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks, was very exciting and enjoyable. But I did not feel totally realized. I wanted more.
Later, in 2015 I decided to fulfil my desire and to create my own cosmetic line.
So, I moved to Italy, a beautiful country, which I love, of world fame for its beauty and art. Here I met many people like me who share my passion for natural cosmetics and organic skin care. One of these is my husband, who stimulates me a lot, helps me to savor life, to transmit positivity and to give pleasure and emotions.
This is why the products I propose are effective and multifunctional, natural and organic, combined with innovative active ingredients in synergy with relaxing and comforting aromatherapy.
Women always want to be beautiful and charismatic. That’s where the name of my brand comes from.
Beauty and charisma. These are the essential requisites for having the world at our feet.

I made my choice.
And you?
With love, Enia Tarino.

Do you own a shop or a Spa?

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