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Today we will talk about natural products and chemically created ones …

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This topic is vast and much discussed, so let’s clarify before proceeding: “synthetic” or “chemical” ingredient, not necessarily synonymous with toxic … as “natural”, does not always mean “genuine”!

Now let’s see together the most important points, the ones I like to deal with today.

What is meant by “Natural Product”?

This term is used to identify those products with the predominant use of plant derivatives.

It should be noted however, that it is difficult, with some exceptions, to make products with an entirely vegetable formula.

In most cases we are thus faced with appropriate formulations.

Although it is simple and full of lines in which they advertise natural substances, we will always find ourselves in front of a wide range of substances of various kinds … synthetic substances. For this you must carefully read the description of the product and the ingredients (INCI) and try to distinguish the insistence of advertising, the real effect that the product is able to give.

So, if you want to buy a natural product, it is important to know that cosmetician cannot be made totally without synthetic substances (thickeners, preservatives.) Without these ingredients (harmless) it’s impossible to create a cream that will last without causing damage at least 6 months.

Now let’s talk about the chemically created products.

What is meant by “Chemically created product”?

These types of products, unlike natural ones, are mainly composed of chemical-based ingredients.

Most of them are commodities, i.e. undifferentiated products, therefore sold in huge quantities. The secret of this success for companies that sell quantities of industrial products, lies in the ability to minimize production costs, to resell it at high prices, so as to have a net gain in total.

The cost of buying chemical products is significantly lower than that of natural products.

The production of them is carried out in large quantities. This obliges the manufacturer to insert within this, substances that can keep it always usable and of good quality, even after months, until the deadline found written behind.

This is a difference that distinguishes natural and chemical.

In conclusion, we can draw that natural or chemically created products have both their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose a product that is good for your skin! But, I recommend, study the INCI well. In chemically created products, very often, you can find toxic preservatives, silicones, parabens and allergens, which in the long term can be harmful to your health. Avoid buying what is cheap, because there will be a reason.

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With love Enia.

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