Hi everyone! How do you do?
Today I would like to share my thoughts with you on a topic that is very common nowadays: STRESS.

What a nasty word, but I’m sure you know it well and each of you has suffered it at least once in your life. Unfortunately, the bigger we become the more our life becomes hectic and complicated. We are tied to the agenda full of commitments and notes, in order not to forget to do something. And if this happens (if we forget something), we realize that we are assailed by anxiety, nervousness, fear, etc.

What do we need to do?? How can you save yourself from this monster?

Stress destroys mental balance and also ruins our beauty.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple to get rid of stress. But it is possible.

I know a couple of tricks that I often use.

I like the idiom “sleep on it”: to think more about something overnight and make a decision about it later. Have you ever tried? Personally, I love this trick and it always works, and I use it often.

Try and you will see that in a short time we see the problem from another perspective. It will no longer seem so tragic, as it seemed yesterday. Very often, which is very important, it also solves itself magically. There could be also brilliant ideas somewhere, and no one knows where unless you relax and sleep. For this reason, I advise you not to take everything to heart, but wait a little.


A smile often solves many problems and alleviates tensions.
Another simple trick is a nice bath with the essential oil lavender bowler hat by Xarismania – a great way to relax and forget worries.

You can also practice meditation and yoga, but this is another interesting topic, but we will talk about another day.
I wish you peace of mind, patience and optimism. Together they will take us far away from stress.

With love,
Enia Tarino

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