Dear girls! Do you know what the only thing I think about these days? HOT SEASON AND THE BEACH.

It’s really hot and I actually didn’t hesitate to remove all the garments that exceed knee and elbow from my wardrobe!

This heat came all of a sudden and it was such a surprise, even with regards to our skin … for example in the last few weeks I felt great dryness and sensitivity to my face: I had to take action to bring the skin back to its optimal conditions… to avoid you to find yourself in the same situation I decided to give you some advice on what to do this summer:

  • Keep your skin hydrated with creams that contain the most suitable SPF for you. At the beginning it would obviously be optimal to use a higher protection since our bodies are still quite pale;

  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the hottest hours or in any case not too long when UV radiation is more intense (usually from 12am to 4pm), otherwise, use caps and shelter in the shade as soon as possible. Don’t even think of falling asleep under the sun after lunch;

  • Drink lots of water so that you are always hydrated, and remember that alcohol is really risky;

  • Protect your dermis even when you are not in direct contact with sunlight: sea water and sand reflect sun rays and therefore it is very easy to burn yourself even if you are under the umbrella.

I would like you to notice that after the burn your dead skin comes off and, on the skin, the little moles appear and they won’t disappear and will only tend to increase!

Remember to have in your purse the cream with sunscreen (to be reapplied every 2/3 hours on the beach), which in summer becomes the most important cosmetic to avoid annoying burns.

I recommend checking deadlines, a sunscreen loses its effectiveness after three years.

It is very important to choose suitable photo-protective products and expose yourself to the sun gradually. To ensure a perfect tan, so as to arouse the envy of friends, to avoid bad burns, but above all not to peel like lizards.

Nowadays most people are aware of the importance of protecting themselves from the sun’s rays, but not everyone knows that the latter can also act at a deeper level, causing damage not visible on our skin. By striking the cells of our skin, they generate free radicals responsible for oxidative stress. In other words, the more you expose yourself to the sun without protection, the higher possibilities you have of developing wrinkles, facial spots and diseases like skin cancer.

It is not a joke! We have to take care of our body because it is only thanks to him that we have arrived where we are … so why don’t you dedicate the best care to him?

Our line of cosmetics Molècoles offers you Anti-Wrinkle and Depigmenting Botany Day Cream with SPF 15, to apply to your face every day to be protected and beautiful at the same time!

What else can I add? I think that Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons … sea, swimming pool … HOLIDAYS! Where are you going?

Have fun, laugh. Laugh always … this is my beauty secret!


Enia Tarino.

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