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I’m back with another piece of advice that I’m so glad to give you.

Today we will talk about Peptides, (also called Biometric Peptides) to prevent and combat skin aging.

I imagine that in the meantime a question has arisen … what are the peptides? Well, it’s actually very simple: they are amino acids, in other words the “bricks” that make up proteins, including collagen and elastin, which are normally in the tissues of our skin.

A molecule of Peptide is formed by the union of two or more amino acids, when the molecules are called Peptides, instead the large frequencies are called proteins. So we will talk about low frequencies.

Cosmetic research in recent times is focusing a lot on them because they seem to be among the most effective anti-aging methods. In fact, the peptides are able to penetrate easily into the skin and stimulate the formation of the supporting substances of the epidermis.

When do we need to use peptides?

This generally depends on the aging state of our skin.

It is recommended to use it after 35-40 years, on mature skin, when with age, the skin needs deep nourishment, but in reality, as I have already said, it depends on our type of skin.

Peptides also help to correct external wrinkles, make the skin smoother, younger, counteracting the progress of age.

To best use the peptide serum, it is recommended to apply the product twice a day, morning and evening, accompanied by day, by a moisturizing cream, and at night, by an antioxidant.

You can decide to use the product only in the most critical areas, such as the eye contour or around the lips, or on the neck.

I think I’ve said everything!

And finally, as always, advice of the day.

Use our multifunctional “Molècoles” botanical line, moisturizing and nourishing, rich in vitamins, peptides, omega 3,6, antioxidants and plant extracts. It does not contain allergens and gluten! It is an excellent choice to love your skin more.

With love Enia.

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